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Features and benefits


Uf value 1.89 W/m2K


Extended insulation area with foam filling


147 mm face width


Barrel hinge, infinitely adjustable in three dimensions


Almost flush-fitted rosette


Burglar-resistant up to WK2


•A variety of door style configurations


•A range of standard and custom colours



Aluminium doors are solid, strong and substantial looking.


Unlike traditional timber doors; they will not split, swell, warp or require repainting from the harsh environment outside.


Our aluminium door combines outstanding thermal insulation with the benefits of the Schüco ADS door system.


The basic depth of 70 mm ensures a high degree of stability. Optional fittings allow it to be used as a multi-purpose door and integrated in the building security and building management system.


The clear, timeless design is ideal for combining with the proven Schüco facade and window systems.

The high insulation door is ideally suited to improving the energy balance of a building - with maximum planning freedom.