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You can choose from a variety of glass to suit your windows and your taste.

From enhancing the security to add style our glass offers you a huge collection designs and features.

  • IGU( insulated glass units):

          hignly insulated glass for residential and commercial use.

          Incorporating Super Thermal Spacer Bar for better thermal resistance.


  • Tougned glass:

            safety glass used in doors ,front windows,panels and anywhere you  

           need more safety.


  • tougnening from 4 mm to 12 mm

  • maximum size 3210mm x 2100mm

  • clear, coated &tinted available      

  • Laminated glass:                                      

           this glass in produced by combining two pieces of glass toghrther ,        

           wether is necessary to increase safety, solar control, thermal insulation or for  

           decoratice purpose.                                          

  • Fire resistant glass:

    there are two categories for this type of glass.


- Integrity only: this glass remains integral for a time limit. It'a available in 30 minutes and 60 minutes options.


-Integrity and insulation: this glass retains it's integrity and it limits the temperature rise in the non-fire side. Varius thikness glass avalable from 30 to 120 minutes resistance.

  • Processed glass:

          diffrent types of processed glass are available to match your requirements:






          -painted glass


          -tougned laminated





Textured glass

  • Bavelling:


we can add a variety of bavels on windows and doors.


It is possible in a tripleglazed unit to add the bevels in between the glass panels.


  • Triple glazed glass unit are also available on request.

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