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The market leader for innovative building envelopes, stands for global expertise in windows, doors, façades and solar solutions. Was founded in 1951 in East-Westphalia, Germany and currently is present in 78 countries and have 5000 employees worldwide.




Schüco – Green technology for every building


This is the contribution that Schüco makes to the environment with pioneering building envelopes. Window and façade systems not only save energy due to optimum thermal insulation, they also generate energy thanks to efficient solar solutions. This creates an excess of energy which can be used by means of intelligent networking. For building functions, as well as for everyday life at home and at work.




Innovative technologies and a strong partner network


Schüco not only provides state-of-the-art window and façade technology, as well as efficient solar solutions. It is also a valuable contact. For architects, fabricators, solar installers, developers, investors and clients. The aim is to provide tailored solutions for all market sectors – from private homes to commercial and industrial projects. To achieve this, a broad product portfolio is available which consists of high quality materials for new builds and the modernisation of buildings. Schüco systems meet the requirements of energy efficiency, security, comfort and design which conform to the most demanding and exacting quality standards.


Global responsibility


But Schüco is more. In addition to technological expertise, there is one factor above all that sets Schüco solutions apart: a willingness to take responsibility, and to provide answers to the most urgent challenges of our time – progressive climate change and dwindling energy reserves. Thanks to the holistic energy concept of Schüco with thermal insulation, building automation and efficient solar solutions, the energy consumption of buildings can be reduced whilst generating clean energy.





At Global windows & doors we work together with world leading producers of Upvc and aluminium profiles to give our customers the best quality and the satisfaction they are looking for.



Company founded in 1897 as a trading organisation by Karl Kömmerling in Pirmasens, Germany.


KÖMMERLING – more than just a window


Today, PVC-u is the most successful window material and its market share is constantly growing. In residential construction, the replacement market share is currently over 80% and PVC-u is also the preferred material choose of most specificers. Kömmerling offers a large number of window and door systems each designed with impressive technical innovations and manufactured with our lead-free Greenline compound.


Efficiency, design, function, physical properties, environmental protection and responsible handling of raw material resources meet the highest requirements. These elements provide benefits for the client, specifiers and fabricators through the availability of a high performance and proven system.


With the Kömmerling brand, we face the challenges of the future with confidence, honesty and transparency. Enabling us to continue our position as Europe's number 1 profile systems company.

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