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Design Line narrow interlock section

An ultra slimline interlock section of only 40 mm is also available for maximum transparency.


Ease of access in the system

With the level Design Line threshold, it is extremely simple to create an easy-access connection from inside to outside.


Reduced sightlines

The reduced face widths of the vent frames ensure an even more slender appearance.


Complete fittings groove cover

The fittings components are concealed in the vent by means of a panel, achieving a clear design language.


Flexible locking options

For a particularly puristic design, the bolt pins can be fixed in the vent frame instead of the outer frame.


Schüco SmartStop/SmartClose

Integrated SmartStop and SmartClose modules slow the vents down gently. Moreover, depending on the version, the vent is drawn into the closed position and supports the closing process.

Schuco 60801

Variety of opening types

New opening types for single, double and triple-track systems provide greater design freedom.


Maximum transparency

Large-scale units up to 3.5 m x 3.2 m or 3.2 m x 3.5 m create a pleasant atmosphere with living spaces that are flooded with light.


Modular profile system

All the system designs are based on profile modules with a small number of half profiles – a wide variety of unit solutions that can be modular and flexible.


Large vent weights

Three weight classes up to 400 kg will be available in future. Thanks to high-quality components, large vents can be operated easily.


High level of security

Modern fittings solutions with security components that are not visible from the outside ensure the highest level of security without compromising on aesthetic design.


More flexibility

With the new range of fittings, two different options are available with just a few system articles – sliding or lift-and-slide solutions.